Single Molecular Science  laboratory


In our group, we focus on developing the instrumentation and experimental methodology to study the electron transport properties at the electrode|molecule interface (at a single molecule or ensemble level) under the influence of external stimuli. 


Studying the electron transport properties at the electrode|molecule interface under the influence of external stimuli like electrochemical potential, magnetic field, light, temperature will have a variety of applications in several research fields like:

(i) Molecular electronics and spintronics: Molecule based electronic technologies (like OLEDs) and other futuristic molecular electronics applications (like flexible and transparent electronic devices, artificial electronic skins etc), where electrode|molecule interface plays a crucial role in determining performance of the device.   

(ii)Energy research: In solar cells, the charge or electron transfer at electrode|molecule interface plays a crucial role in determining the efficiency.

(iii) Electrocatalysis and photoelectrocatalysis: Activity/selectivity of a catalyst depends on the effectiveness of charge transport at electrode|catalyst interface under the influence of electrochemical potential and/or light.

(iv) Sensors: Sensitivity and selectivity of a sensor may depend on the effective charge transport at electrode|molecule interface.

Thus, the ability to measure and control charge transport across metal|molecule interface is of a considerable fundamental interest.  

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